MTV Targets After-School Crowd With a New Video-Countdown Show


Kids coming home from school at 5 p.m. will be greeted with screaming crowds in a Times Square studio once more on MTV's upcoming The Seven, a one-hour countdown of "the top videos of the day" beginning September 27. Steve Tseckares, executive producer, stressed that this will not be "a music show," in case you were concerned. (He added that the old TRL studio is now a clothing store, anyway!) The Seven will be hosted by Julie Alexandria, and it sounds like a bid to compete with the growing list of pop-culture countdown shows, including E!'s The Ten or The Soup, targeting the lethargic after-school crowd who will watch, half tuned-out, while standing in front of the TV eating every snack in the house.

OK, what sounds like 'TRL' but isn't? [NYP]