Norm MacDonald on His David Letterman Impression


Norm MacDonald on his David Letterman impression: “At the end of the day I didn’t want to do an impression of someone I considered funnier than me in the first place. I didn’t want the sketch to come off as anything but a Rich Little impression – I didn’t want to make any insult to David. So he phoned me the next day. He was just talking about stuff, he never got to the point, and I knew why he was phoning, so it was all awkward. Finally, I go, ‘Hey, Dave, I did an impression of you.’ I just blurted it out. And he goes: ‘Oh, yeah, I’m fine with that. I like you, Norm, you can do whatever you want. Joe Piscopo did an impression of me once and I didn’t care for that, because that guy’s not funny.’ That’s all he said.”