Olivia Thirlby Lands Second Sci-Fi Flick


Much-adored actress and Intel's indie crush Olivia Thirlby has joined the cast of Judge Dredd, a 3-D, futuristic action movie in which she plays a telepath. The Pete Travis–directed fIick was previously a 1995 film starring Sylvester Stallone. Currently, the actress is also filming The Darkest Hour, a sci-fi action movie about a group of Americans in Moscow who witness an alien invasion. Hmmm! This seems like something of a tonal shift for the actress, who is known for her indie-girl good looks, winning turn in Juno, and a string of low-budget films like New York, I Love You, Breaking Upwards, and Uncertainty. Still, her sci-fi trend probably won't stop people from believing she smokes a ton of weed.

Thirlby joins 'Judge Dredd' [Variety]