Your Weekly Dose of Parks and Recreation Backstage: Aziz Ansari, Practical Joker


Parks and Recreation has just started shooting new episodes, even as it remains sidelined as a mid-season replacement (put 'em in, Coach!). But while it might not be on the air tonight, Parks and Rec remains a Thursday presence through Vulture, with the cast and crew bringing us weekly photo essays depicting the secret backstage life of the show. For last week's kickoff, we brought you the amazing metamorphosis of Nick Offerman into Ron Swanson, and this week they give us a lighthearted look at that lovable scamp Aziz Ansari and the crazy pranks he plays on castmate Jim O'Heir (better known as office scapegoat Jerry). Oh, Aziz, what next out of you, you minx? (Also, check out for past episodes and webisodes.)