Spider-Man–Musical Producer Having Nightmares


Meet Michael Cohl, producer of Broadway's upcoming Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and the poor guy who everyone will blame if the show fails to recoup its seemingly unrecoupable $50 million budget (which, by the way, will grow "by an additional $10 million when all expenses are accounted for"). In a pretty hilarious profile by the Times' Patrick Healy today, Cohl sounds appropriately terrified. He admits he's been having "bad dreams about Spider-Man and its myriad loose ends" and worries the show might "crash and burn." "As long as you don't think about the whole big picture, producing Spider-Man is a fantastic experience," he says. "But once you look up and see it all, it looks very, very scary." Also: "There have been a lot of moments over the last year when I said, 'This isn't doable,' when I went home and thought: 'What am I doing? I could be on a beach in Florida.'"

A Rock Impresario Gambles on ‘Spider-Man’ [NYT]