Rihanna, Kanye Could Face Off With November 16 Album Release Dates


Kanye once had a September Rihanna 14 album release date, which could have coincided with the release of Kid Cudi's album, Big Sean's, and even Miles Davis's! Then Mr. West pushed it back, reportedly to November 16th, and now Rihanna announced that her upcoming album, Loud, will drop November 16th, too. The singer released Loud's pretty great, dancefloor-ready single, "Only Girl in the World," earlier this week this week, and today she tweeted a photo of herself naked on the single's album cover. But, unless Kanye pushes his album back further, he and good pal Rihanna, will go head-to-head this November, though this could very well help both of them. Meanwhile, Jay-Z's memoir Decoded will also be out on the 16.

Some competition that Rihanna and Kanye may or may not have to worry about: Kid Rock's slightly less-anticipated Born Free is out November 16, along with Season 9 American Idol winner Lee DeWyze's album, and Killer Mike's. The following weekend, the two will get some real competition in the form of one Nikki Minaj's album. And then all of these guys will have a big, promotional Thanksgiving party together, and laugh about the competition while toasting one another with Champagne.