Ronald Reagan Biopic in the Works


Former president (and former Hollywood star) Ronald Reagan will get the formal biopic treatment, as a feature film titled Reagan has been given the green light. The movie — based on two different best-selling Reagan biographies — is set for release in late 2011, with a script from Jonas McCord (Malice, The Body). This marks the first Reagan project since the ill-fated 2003 Reagans mini-series, starring James Brolin, that was famously booted from CBS to Showtime after allegations of a left-wing bias. While the film does not yet have a director or leading man attached, The Hollywood Reporter proposed a few actors it thought "could fill the role”: Zac Efron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Pine, James Franco, and new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. Thoughts?

Ronald Reagan biopic planned [HR]