Sandra Bullock Deciding If She Wants Another Oscar Nod


Sandra Bullock has reportedly been offered a part in Never Forget, a Holocaust movie based on the documentary On Moral Grounds, about the legal struggles of survivors trying to get restitution from insurance companies after WWII. (Fun fact: Previous feature films with the title Never Forget include a 1991 TV movie about a Holocaust survivor confronting a Holocaust denier, starring Leonard Nimoy and Dabney Coleman, and a Lou Diamond Phillips thriller about a man accused of murder ... with amnesia!) Bullock's been selective about the roles she's taken since The Blind Side (and the implosion of her personal life), but given the academy's predilection for honoring Holocaust films — in the immortal words of Kate Winslet and Ricky Gervais, "If you do a film about the Holocaust, you're guaranteed an Oscar" — she might want to mull this one over. [Hollywood Insider/EW]