Sony Announces Sure-to-Fail iTunes Rival


On the one hand, it’ll be nice to have yet another way to stream TV shows and movies directly to our TVs. On the other, Sony’s horribly-named Qriocity platform will probably never catch on enough to be relevant.

The main problem with Qriocity (besides being called Qriocity) is how married it is to Sony products. It’ll work on Playstation 3s, Bravia TVs, Sony Blu-ray players and Vaio computers. If you have one such product, that could be nice, but trying to watch things you’re paying for on anything else you own will be impossible unless you’re one of those assholes who only owns Sony products. To have a streaming service that only works on one brand of Windows-based computers just doesn’t make any sense in this day and age.

It’s a desperate move from Sony, who’s never really had any luck with any sort of content-delivery systems. And they probably won’t until they look beyond their own hardware as a way of distributing media.