Stephen Colbert Responds to Reddit’s Huge Charity Push

You have inspired me by helping untold thousands of students; with the momentum you’ve created, we could stage a hundred rallies. I might just call on you, Redditors - for nothing is more terrifying than tens of thousands of Heroes taking to the streets with the faint odor of bacon wafting behind them. Except for bears, obviously.

It’s tough to not love this. I mean, doesn’t this completely sum up how the internet is changing not only comedy, but the relationship between entertainers and their audience? Here’s a huge group of totally passionate Colbert fans, and because they have this medium to gather together, they not only are interacting with Colbert and shaping what he does, but raising tens of thousands of dollars in charity in the process.

If only every internet petition backed itself up with charitable donations; people would have more of a say in who hosts SNL and teachers would have much better supplies to work with. [via]