Steve Burke Taking Over for Jeff Zucker at NBC


Comcast announced today that its chief operating officer Steve Burke will become the new chief executive officer of NBC Universal when Jeff Zucker officially exits at the end of the year and the NBC/Comcast merger is complete. Deadline's Nikki Finke, who would like you to know that she toldja this would happen as far back as last October, reads through the lines in Comcast's press release: "Unlike Jeff who was widely regarded in Hollywood and NYC as a pretender to the throne, Steve is true showbiz royalty by blood. He's the son of Dan Burke, the former president of Capital Cities/ABC before it was bought by Disney. The younger Burke graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and served as president of Euro Disney. I'm sure his intent now is to return NBC and Universal to their former glory. Finally." Incidentally, it was Steve Burke who fired Jeff Zucker two weeks ago.

TOLDJA! Steve Burke Becomes NBCU CEO [Deadline]