Study Finds Increase in Number of Gay Characters on TV


GLAAD’s fifteenth annual "Where We Are on TV" report has found that 3.9 percent of actors who will regularly appear on drama and comedy series on broadcast television this season will be playing gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters, a total of 23 characters. On cable, GLAAD counted 35 characters, representing a 40 percent increase from the 2009-2010 season. ABC led the broadcast networks in its representation of gay characters with eleven (HBO has the most on the cable side), and HBO’s True Blood has the most gay characters of any television show with six. GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios said the increase reflects "a new industry standard that a growing number of creators and networks are adopting," and said the "recent critical and commercial success of shows like Modern Family and Glee clearly indicate that mainstream audiences embrace gay characters and want to see well-crafted stories about our lives." [HR]