An Up-to-the-Minute Tracker of All Super 8 Leaks, Viral Hints, News, and Spoilers


Every day a little more news trickles out about J.J. Abrams's mysterious next movie, Super 8, due next summer and just starting to shoot now in West Virginia: Some of these nuggets come out against his will, some news is carefully leaked, and some are the kind of cryptic viral hints that Abrams and his company, Bad Robot, are known for mischievously dribbling out in advance of new projects. We think we know the basic plot (no thanks to Abrams!): Indicators point to it being about a cargo train from Area 51 — which was transporting something alien and alive — crashing outside a small Midwestern town in 1979, and a group of teens who capture it on film while messing about with a home movie camera. (You can even see one of those kids in a flash-frame towards the end of the trailer.) But we're hungry to find out more. As such, Vulture will be tracking all the teasers, hints, and spoilers and updating this slideshow as they trickle out. (Don't worry: all spoilers will be carefully marked.) Here's what we know so far …