Slow Start for Terriers


FX's very cool new detective drama Terriers was a runner-up on our list of the twenty most anticipated shows of the fall, and scored darn near universal critical acclaim, but apparently not enough folks got the message. Wednesday's premiere was seen by just 1.6 million viewers, less than half of whom were in the all-important adults 18 to 49 demo. Of course, everything's relative in cablesville: AMC's Rubicon bowed last month with only 400,000 more viewers and it was hailed by many (including us) as a strong starter. Unfortunately for FX, its series have a track record of doing much better than those on AMC, with shows such as Justified and Sons of Anarchy regularly racking up over 4 million pairs of eyeballs. Given the pedigree of Terriers (it's from FX icon Shawn "The Shield" Ryan) and FX's proclivity for patience, this dog's still got a fighting chance.