The Definitive Gossip Girl Location Map


Over three-plus seasons, the intrepid Upper East Siders and Brooklynites of Gossip Girl have partied, eaten, shtooped, walked around, and had seriously dramatic conversations in restaurants, nightclubs, apartments, and street corners all over New York City. (Well, mostly just Manhattan.) The characters have visited locations real (the Met steps, the Palace, 1Oak, Cooper's Beach, Dumbo) and fictitious (Victrola, Constance, Rufus's gallery). Some they hang around in for one episode (the LES's Libation, a Pinkberry on the Upper East Side), others for many (Communitea, Blair's apartment). Real or fake, onetime stopover or fixture, all the locations the Gossip Girl–ers have visited throughout the series can now be found on this handy map.

Science of Us – What Studies Say About Human Behavior & Productivity

Science of Us
tribeca film festival 2016
By Rachel Bashein

"The world is divided into two very distinctive groups: People who will always be self-conscious and will never be actors, and the people who have defeated their own self-consciousness and can be actors."


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