The Dilemma Trailer; or, the Great Kevin James–Vince Vaughn Romance


The Dilemma is a bromantic comedy starring Kevin James and Vince Vaughn as BFFs. Unfortunately, Vaughn finds out that James's wife, played by Winona Ryder, is cheating on him, and spends the rest of the movie deciding whether or not to tell his pal. While this movie does not look like the exact opposite of funny, there are at least three things about it that make us crazy. (1) Vaughn opens the trailer with a joke about how electric cars are "gay," that inexplicably turns Queen Latifah on. Unpack that one at your own risk of brain injury. (2) The movie is directed by Ron Howard, or as the trailer explains, "Academy Award Winning Director Ron Howard." This might just be the moment to check that particular credential at the trailer door. Like, Mr. Howard, what exactly about directing A Beautiful Mind prepared you to deal with a scene that includes the line, "You can expect … challenging urination with a possible bloody discharge"? (3) Winona Ryder's character is cheating on Kevin James's character with Channing Tatum. Which, firstly, duh. And secondly: Go get some, girl! And thirdly, are we supposed to judge her for this? Yes, in real life adultery is no good, but in the movies — where not that attractive women barely exist, and not that attractive men are always married to women who look like actresses — it feels like justice.