The Tourist Trailer: Angelina and Johnny Welcome You to Venice


In the category of things it is pleasurable to look at, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Venice all rank very highly. Comedic thriller The Tourist contains all three (though, to be truthful, Johnny's not looking his best), plus Depp in larkish, funny-guy mode. This all adds up to what looks like an enjoyable trifle of a film. Depp plays a regular guy who gets caught up with the highly irregular Jolie, yet again playing someone with a mysterious job that involves firearms and secrets. Thanks to her, he’s mistaken for a bad guy: Action sequences, romance, and some nice banter ensue. Less nice, Depp and Jolie's British accents, which cut in and out more frequently than cell service in an elevator. But it's not really what they sound like that matters, now is it?