Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton Want to Make Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter


Back in March, Seth Grahame-Smith's second novel, the epistolary Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, debuted at No. 4 on the New York Times bestseller list. As Grahame-Smith had already set up his first novel, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at Lionsgate with David O. Russell directing Natalie Portman, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood opened its slavering jaws and bit. Now we hear that Grahame-Smith's adapted his second novel into a screenplay, and that a William Morris Endeavor package of talent has been sent out to studios that has Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) directing and Tim Burton producing. Vulture can report that DreamWorks and Disney are essentially out of the running, but that there's still strong interest from other studios, including Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. No word on who'll emerge victorious, but as one source tells us, "I'll be stunned if this isn't sold and set up somewhere by end-of-day tomorrow — this is definitely Timur's next movie."