Lost Virginity in the Movies: A Disaster for Girls, a Happy Ending for Boys


Today sees the opening of The Virginity Hit, a new mockumentary from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay that follows teenager Matt in his quest to get laid, while his friends film the entire process. Judging from the trailer, many humiliations occur along the way, but will it ultimately end in trauma, or postcoital bliss? If the gender laws of film virginity hold true, we predict the latter. Because as the following trip through the annals of film deflowering shows, when a male has sex for the first time, it is comical but awesome. But when a female does the same thing, disaster awaits. Check out the following examples: Did we miss anything? Because if a woman has ever had the nerve to have sex for the first time and not pay a horrible price for it, we'd like to know.