Vulture Contest: Win Season One of Glee


Okay, Gleeks, we've got three copies of the season-one DVD set to give away. Here's how one can be yours: pair up a character with the song you'd most like to see him or her perform, and give a detailed description of said performance. For example, don't just leave it at "Puck sings 'I'm Too Sexy' by Right Said Fred," flesh it out so it's more like: "Puck performs 'I'm Too Sexy' in a swimming pool after tryouts for the water-polo team. The other male Gleeks sing backup and do synchronized swimming routines in bathing caps, while Puck generally shows off for the ladies in the bleachers. The climactic moment involves Puck making an elegant, splash-free jump off the high-dive board while inventing a new verse to the song, 'I'm too sexy for my shorts.'" Or something like that! Please leave your descriptions in the comments before 6 p.m. tomorrow, and we'll select a winner on Wednesday. Good luck!