Who Wants to See the Trailer for Uwe Boll’s Holocaust Movie?


Were you aware that Uwe Boll, the modern-day Ed Wood behind such crappy video-game adaptations as Alone in the Dark, Far Cry, and BloodRayne, had made a Holocaust movie? Well, apparently he has, and, just in time for the Jewish holidays, here's the graphic, exploitation-y, NSFW evidence. In the just-released teaser for Auschwitz, the world's worst director himself — who, in 2007's Postal, joked that his films were paid for by Nazi gold — cameos as an SS officer guarding the door of a death-camp gas chamber. We see prisoners suffocating, being loaded into ovens, and having their teeth pulled. It's disturbing stuff, obviously, even though footage here bears all the shoddy hallmarks of Boll's other work. We will probably skip this one.