Glee vs. YouTube — Who Did It Best?


Glee gets credit (and sometimes blame) for reinventing classic and current pop tunes. But have they done the definitive reinterpretation? We took some of Glee’s most popular songs and then scoured the web to find other people who have found creative ways to redo the same songs, whether via a cappella, flash mob, dance, metal, or chanting.

Compare these versions of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" to Glee’s and tell us: Who did it best?

As Performed By

Valeri Glava's string trio

We've seen Gaga play some pretty weird instruments, but what is that thing he's tapping with padded chopsticks?

As Performed By

Amanda Palmer with the Boston Pops

Also featuring a dozen or so Gaga avatars.

As Performed By


Proving that four iPhones and three colors of nail polish are all you need to sound like an international pop sensation.

As Performed By

The Magnets

Silky smooth and instrument-free.

As Performed By

One-man band Aleksey Vanin

Take note of the synchronized head-bobbing.

As Performed By

Rachel and Shelby

A sort-of touching moment between mother and daughter.