Will Running Wilde Have a Chance to Gain Momentum?


Last night’s Running Wilde was pretty good, but it clearly still needs some time to solidify these characters and their relationships to each other. Unfortunately, it was viewed by a mere 4.7 million people, which doesn’t bode well for the series. Will Fox give it a chance to get going or will it get the axe before the season is through? And does it deserve that chance?

It’s still early, obviously, but if the ratings for Running Wilde decrease rather than increase in the coming weeks, it’s in trouble.

I guess the fair question to ask is this: will Running Wilde get better? Does it need a few episodes to hit its stride? While there was a lot to like in last night’s episode, particularly Peter Serafinowicz, I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d be able to get past just how unlikely it is that these characters would be together. In Arrested Development they had a slew of characters who really would not be together if they had any say in the matter, but the fact that they were family and in trouble with the law made it easy to believe that they’d all be stuck dealing with each other. With Running Wilde, there’s a nagging question of just why the hell all these people are spending time together, and the reasoning isn’t that strong.

There’s definitely room for the show to better justify the world its set up, and the writing and acting is strong otherwise. But will they be able to get some decent ratings while they do that? We’ll see, I guess.