Acting School With Will Arnett: His Video Tips for Playing an Arrogant Idiot


From Arrested Development to Blades of Glory to 30 Rock, Will Arnett has proven to be the Laurence Olivier of arrogant idiots: No one else creates characters whose confidence and actual talents are so inversely proportional. Tonight he will debut his newest cocky jackass: wealthy playboy Steven Wilde, on the new comedy Running Wilde (9:30 p.m., Fox), which was co-created by the Arrested Development brain trust. You will likely watch with awe, wondering, What's his secret? How does he balance brio and boobishness again and again without injuring himself? Luckily, Arnett is not greedy with his talents: He stopped by the Vulture offices to give a quick video acting tutorial on how to construct the perfect oblivious dope. Watch and learn.