Will Smith’s Daughter’s New Single: Not Terrible!


So yesterday Vulture directed your attention to “Whip My Hair,” the debut single from Willow Smith, a.k.a. the Will Smith progeny that did not star in The Karate Kid remake but did have a small part in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Guess what? It is definitely not the worst thing we’ve ever heard! Sure, the vocals are pretty thin — probably in part because Willow is 9 years old and all — but otherwise it more or less sounds like a Rihanna song, with the additional bonus of a chorus we would very much like to hear Lil Wayne rapping around someday. Whatever producers are being paid lots and lots of money by the Smiths to make their indeterminately musically talented child sound good: well done! Okay, now here’s the real question: Will Smith named his two sons Trey and Jaden, but named his daughter Willow?