Will the New Yogi Bear Trailer Harsh Justin Timberlake’s Oscar Buzz?


When the first teaser for Yogi Bear was released back in July, our pity was reserved mostly for flesh-and-blood humans Tom Cavanaugh and Anna Faris, not voice actor Justin Timberlake, whose Boo-Boo sounded perfectly passable. What a difference a few months make: Now that Timberlake is earning Oscar buzz for this week's The Social Network, along comes the second Yogi Bear trailer, timed perfectly to erode his dramatic bona fides. Could it have a chilling "Norbit effect" on Timberlake's Oscar odds (so named for Eddie Murphy's lowbrow Dreamgirls follow-up, which may have cost him the Academy Award)? Keep that in mind during awards season, when each screener of Social Network rival The King's Speech will come bundled snugly in a Yogi Bear tote bag designed by canny Oscarologist Harvey Weinstein. [IGN]