You Can’t Fire Danielle Staub, Because She Quits!


After two seasons of fallouts, salsa dancing, and a search to smell her biological mother, Danielle Staub made her swan song on Monday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Andy Cohen, Bravo's senior programming veep, confirmed this week that the reunion was "Danielle's last appearance" on Housewives. Previous reports claimed a "shocked" Staub was fired, perhaps owing to the mountain of litigation she accumulated while filming. But today, the housewife reminded us that nobody fires Danielle Staub: "I left on my terms," she said. "It was starting to be a stressful situation ... having to deal with people attacking me." And on that note, she added, "Teresa’s crazy. [Calling her an ape] was not even that bad, compared to what she has called me." Spinoff time! [TV Watch/People]