ABC Turning Awkward Family Photos Into a TV Show


Move over, blog-to-book deals. The new hot way to get rich from a jokey blog or Twitter account you made on your lunch break isn’t books, it’s TV: ABC is developing a show based on the blog (that was already turned into a book) Awkward Family Photos. This comes hot on the heels of Twitter account Shhh…Don’t Tell Steve being picked up by CBS and, of course, the success of $#*! My Dad Says.

Although this one seems like a strange choice, as it’s just a collection of awkward photos submitted by random people to the site. There are no characters, no storylines. If they want to make a show about an awkward family, why not just make one? They’re going to have to pretty much create this from the ground up anyways. Is the blog/book popular enough to be worth buying for the name alone?