ABC Juggles Schedule, Replacing The Whole Truth With Miracle Miners


Some schedule changes in the works at ABC. First, the network is rushing together a special edition of 20/20 for tonight dubbed "Miracle at the Mine," with Diane Sawyer hosting an hour about those amazing Chilean workers now being rescued. Sure, it's a nice human-interest story and all, but there's another reason the network is doing the special: It means it can preempt tonight's previously announced edition of fall newcomer The Whole Truth. Networks try to avoid preempting new shows so early in their run, but with Truth way underdelivering in the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot, ABC programmers probably didn't think twice about letting ABC News take over the slot, and may be thinking seriously about making a permanent change there as well.

Meanwhile, on Friday nights, ABC has just scheduled the return of Supernanny for 8 p.m. Fridays, starting November 5. The network said in May that reality show Secret Millionaire would be airing in this slot come fall, with new drama Body of Proof at nine. But last week, ABC said it would start airing news specials at nine later this month. Now, with Millionaire also pulled in favor of Supernanny, it's clear ABC is saving both Millionaire and Body of Proof for more high-profile time slots earlier in the week. Looks like the 10 p.m. Wednesday slot could be open soon.