Actor in Spider-Man Musical Breaks Both His Wrists


Julie Taymor’s oft-delayed, $65 million Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is still moving toward its December premiere date, but it just wouldn’t be Spider-Man: The Musical if catastrophes didn’t accrue along the way. The latest and most painful disaster involves actor Kevin Aubin, who broke both his wrists while demonstrating a botched flying stunt for a small audience last week. Aubin is okay, if in casts. He wrote on Facebook, "well i dont know what im allowed to say. but something went wrong and i fell on my hands from a high distance. It happens, no one to blame. I’m alive and ok.” On the brighter side, the show sounds pretty amazing: Aubin hurt himself while being catapulted, as if by a slingshot, across the stage. According to someone who has seen it, "They are not just flying people around — they're catapulting them! It's like they're being shot out of rubber bands ... There are going to be Spider-Men flying all over the theater — right over your head — during the show." We would even sit through U2's Batman song on repeat to see that. [NYP, ArtsBeat/NYT]