AMC Pulls Hatchet II From Theaters


A few days after its release, slasher sequel Hatchet II has been pulled from all AMC theaters. After the MPAA refused to give the movie an R rating, AMC said they would still run an unrated version of the film. The film’s director, Adam Green, said at the time that AMC decision-makers were “big fans of the original Hatchet and loved the sequel"; he went on to trash the MPAA, calling it an “evil” organization.

AMC issued a statement confirming the decision, explaining, “At AMC theaters, we review all films in all of our theaters every week and then make our business decisions based on their performance.” (The movie grossed less than $70,000 in its short run.) Green, as one might imagine, is not pleased. "We woke up this morning and the movie was gone,” he said. “I’m bewildered and confused … It’s an unrated cult movie that didn’t have commercials and all those other things. I don’t see them pulling a movie on Sunday because it doesn’t look like the box office is going to blow people away.” [PopWatch/EW]