Watch Amy Poehler and Adam Scott Announce Parks and Recreation ... in 3-D!


As if anticipation for Parks and Recreation's eventual return on NBC wasn't high enough, Amy Poehler has a video announcement that will amp it up just that much more: The show will not be coming back in your penny-ante 2-D, it will be back in 3-D ...IMAX. It's like you'll be living in the land of Pawnee civil servants. You'll think you're about to get a paper cut from all the swirling picnic-area application forms! Ron Swanson will loom three stories high! You'll duck as bureaucracy flies all around you! But enough of our hype: Watch the video below and let Poehler, Adam Scott, and some other surprise guests tell you the big news themselves.

While this will be the last of the weekly installments of Parks and Rec on Vulture, the cast will continue to make appearances on this site, so keep watching. In the meantime, revisit their past slideshows:

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