Attention: Diplo Likes Die Antwoord


For a while now, Vulture has been monitoring the ever-burgeoning interests of Diplo — noted consumer of culturally relevant emerging musical trends, subgenres, and performers — as a sort of shorthand technique for keeping abreast of all the things that are awesome. It’s a journey that’s taken us from Gucci Mane to dance hall to Calle 13 to whatever the exact opposite of M.I.A.’s new album is. And, now, to Die Antwoord. The South African rap weirdos are currently gearing up for the Interscope rerelease of their album $0$, and just dropped their Diplo-produced “Evil Boy” single alongside a Diplo-featuring, batshit, NSFW music video. So how does this make us feel? A little jealous, at first, especially because Diplo got to wear one of Die Antwoord front man Ninja’s infamous stage-pajama outfits. And then, disappointed. We originally envisioned following Diplo’s tastes as a guided tour through international-music miscellany, a virtual front-row seat as the enterprising D.J.-producer traveled the world appropriating progressively more obscure musical scenes. But Vulture, along with the rest of the Internet, had already heard of Die Antwoord. It’s tough to even think about this — but could it be time to start following an even younger, even hipper cultural tastemaker?