Axl Rose Admirably Continues Living Up to Rock-Star Behavioral Expectations


Furthering today's trend of famously irascible musicians behaving as expected comes news that Axl Rose is being sued for leasing a 2006 Bentley Flying Spur, then failing to pay the $73,976.42 owed on the car and returning it with a cracked windshield, two damaged tires, broken glass on a taillight, two dented doors, and a gouged bumper. No official word on how that damage was accrued, but one can safely assume it was during a criminally irresponsible early morning joyride through the streets of downtown Rio de Janeiro that was serving as the nightcap for a three-day bacchanal made up of the requisite cocaine, strippers, Jack Daniels, fistfights, Tecmo Super Bowl, some of those fake mermaids from the "Hypnotize" video, and maybe even a few Eric Dane sightings. Well done, Axl! [TMZ]