Band of Horses and Cee-Lo Continue Mutually Beneficial Relationship


Before “Fuck You” put the spotlight on Cee-Lo’s upcoming The Lady Killer, the portly belter dropped both “Georgia,” a joyful ode to his home state, and “No One’s Gonna Love You,” a bouncy cover of the Band of Horses original. Last week, Band of Horses took the unusual step of immediately covering one of their coverer’s songs and ended up choosing “Georgia,” as a tribute to front man Ben Bridwell’s “beloved Georgia Bulldog football team.” Which brings us to the above video: Recorded live at Austin City Limits this weekend, it captures Bridwell and Co. effectively and buoyantly rocking Cee-Lo’s jam live. It's great, but the bigger issue brought to light here is: When does the onslaught of cheeky, cross-genre “Fuck You” covers start? [Pitchfork]