Battlestar Galactica Mastermind Remaking Wild, Wild West


Have we learned nothing from Ben Silverman? The former NBC president was widely derided for his retro revivals of Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, and American Gladiators, and yet this week has brought news of a modern-day take on The Munsters and a Wonder Woman series from David E. Kelley (to say nothing of the Bieber-ific resurrection of Punk'd). Well, consider this trend unstoppable: According to Michael Ausiello, writer Ronald D. Moore is prepping a remake of the 1960s adventure The Wild, Wild West. (At least Moore has one TV revival in his favor already: he ran the updated Battlestar Galactica). Surely, we are but weeks away from Jennifer Love Hewitt announcing plans for an I Love Lucy reboot. Prepare yourself! [Ausiello Files/EW]