Ben Stiller Will Make Zoolander Digital Shorts


Have you lost your patience waiting for the long-in-the-works Zoolander 2? Ben Stiller's got something that will tide you over: In an interview with the New York Times today, he revealed that he's producing a series of animated Zoolander shorts for Paramount Digital Entertainment (Stiller will also star in a live-action web series for Paramount called Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century, in which he'll play a Las Vegas impressionist). “It’s just a way to say, 'Hey, let’s go do a couple of little five-minute episodes,'" Stiller noted, "as opposed to saying, 'Hey, let’s pitch it to the studio and then let’s have a fight over the budget for six months.'" Hmmm, we're not sure what that could be referring to at all. [ArtsBeat/NYT]