Blue Valentine Trailer: The Sweetest Lil’ NC-17 Movie You Ever Did See


Well, clearly someone didn't know Blue Valentine was going to get slapped with an NC-17 rating when they were cutting this trailer. If they had, surely they would have slipped in something, anything, tawdry to increase prurient interest in the festival favorite about a couple's disintegrating relationship. On the other hand, this trailer sure does make the MPAA look uptight! Because what we have here is the most darling, least scandalous promo for an NC-17 movie that has probably ever existed. Ryan Gosling strums on a ukulele, singing in his "goofy voice" while a very skinny Michelle Williams tap dances and scenes from the film flit by. There are very sweet and naturalistic tears and embraces, and we look forward to seeing it whether or not Harvey Weinstein gets its NC-17 turned into an R.