Miami-Set Charlie’s Angels Series Will Be ‘About Friendship’


A new TV adaptation of the classic seventies show Charlie’s Angels is headed to pilot production for a possible ABC run in 2011, set in Miami, Deadline reported this week. Al Gough and Miles Millar, Smallville producers, will be guiding the series, and Drew Barrymore, star of the Angels film adaptations, will executive produce. So why set the show in Miami? "Sun and surf are in the Charlie’s Angels DNA,” Gough explained today. “But we didn’t want to revisit Los Angeles, since that was done in both the original TV series and the movie series." Why re-adapt the series at all? "It's about friendship, and you only have to deal with your boss via speakerphone. The appeal is timeless.” The show is currently casting "a multi-ethnic trio," EW reports. Never can have too many modern remakes of classics. [Hollywood Insider/EW]