Chelsea Handler to Play Reese Witherspoon’s BFF


Late-night host Chelsea Handler is getting serious about this acting thing. After booking her first studio role in the CGI live-action film Hop (in which she is playing the Easter Bunny), Handler has now lined up a part opposite Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pine in McG’s This Means War. Handler will play the “best friend and confidante” of Witherspoon’s character, who is “lusted after” by Hardy and Pine, best friends who “wage an escalating war for her affection.” It will be a true feat in acting if Handler can manage to look genuinely interested and supportive as Witherspoon goes on about how it's just so hard to choose between Tom Hardy and Chris Pine because they both make her so happy but in totally different ways.

Chelsea Handler Enlisted For 'This Means War' [Deadline]