Conan Is Letting the Internet Choose His First Guest


Who Conan will have on as his first guest on Conan has been a mystery during the planning of the new show. But now, he’s letting the internet vote on who it’ll be. He’s got 12 options to choose from, and they range from the not-too-surprising (Jack Nicholson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga) to the highly unlikely (Thomas Pynchon, Pope Benedict, Vladamir Putin) to the awesomely random (Curator of the Leavenworth Nutracker Museum Arlene Wagner, Tom from MySpace, 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Gerhard Ertl).

And as much as I’d love to see the crew of Conan try to figure out how to get Thomas Pynchon to appear in public for the first time in decades, let’s be honest: if the internet is voting, it’s gonna be Justin Bieber. Makes including him seem like sort of a cop out, unless someplace like Reddit or 4chan pick one of the most ridiculous options and make a huge push for them. Here’s hoping! The full cast of the 2004 “Fat Albert” movie sans Kenan Thompson, you’ve got a shot, dammit!