Disney Will Push Toy Story 3 for Best Picture With ‘All of Its Might’


In a piece examining the Oscars race, the New York Times included an interesting nugget abut Disney’s very ambitious hopes for Toy Story 3.

“… The Walt Disney Company has decided to take a deep breath and push Pixar’s Toy Story 3 with all of its might. An animated film has never won the top prize — only two, Beauty and the Beast and Up, have ever been nominated — and Disney, in a decision that went all the way to Robert A. Iger, the media giant’s chief executive, has decided that Toy Story 3 should finally be the one."

On the one hand, in a Best Picture field that is shaping up to be quite competitive, a movie that came out in the summer and has the animated handicap working against it faces, to put it mildly, an uphill battle. However, on the other hand, did The Social Network have you weeping in nostalgic ecstasy by its end?

A Shifting Oscar Race Heats Up [NYT]