Drive Angry Trailer: Nicolas Cage, in His Most Nicolas Cage–y Role Yet


Was Nicolas Cage’s turn as a homicidal, drug-addled, lizard-imagining crooked cop with a heart of gold in Bad Lieutenant just a touch too realistic for you? Well, here comes Drive Angry 3D, and what may be the batshit craziest Nicolas Cage character in a long, proud history of batshit crazy Nicolas Cage characters. Our hero plays a muscle-car enthusiast who has to escape hell (literally!) in order to save his infant granddaughter from a villainous cult, and the movie’s new trailer is just chock-full of explosions, creative murders, terrible-on-purpose one-liners, wobbly Matrix-like supernatural visual effects, and all other manners of WTF moments. Does it feel really contrived, like a couple of well-connected producers — after staying up all night drinking soju and watching Wild at Heart over and over again — decided they absolutely had to make a movie where Nicolas Cage pushes his nutso persona to its absolute breaking point, and then worked backward from there? Absolutely! But is that so wrong?