Facebook Takes a Company Outing to See The Social Network


Though the company has called The Social Network "fiction" and urged the filmmakers to cut scenes involving drug use, Facebook went on a company outing last night to see the movie. "To celebrate a period of intense activity at Facebook, we decided to go to the movies," Facebook spokesman Larry Yu said. "We thought this particular movie might be amusing." Reportedly, even Mark Zuckerberg checked it out with them, perhaps for a second time. (Maybe the guy really likes this film!) It makes sense that the company founders would secretly want everyone to see this movie, particularly their own employees. Sure there's a whole bunch of back-stabbing, but if an interpretation of your boss's life hit the big screen, depicting him or her at coke-fueled tech parties in Palo Alto and hooking up with groupies in the bathroom rather than sitting at a cubicle, wouldn't you work that much harder?

Where Are Facebook’s Employees? At the Movies, of Course [Bits/NYT via Gawker]