Multiple Countries Believe Tricking Parents Into Thinking Their Kid's Marrying a Star is a Good Idea


An upcoming Fox take on the ever-popular "let's humiliate someone on public television" genre of TV has been hit with a lawsuit. The show's called My Parents Are Gonna Love You, and it'll feature "average people bringing home celebrity love interests to meet their parents in elaborate pranks." (Starfucking, the TV show.) As it turns out, it's not being sued by parents who felt like they were needlessly exposed on television, but because this genius concept's already been done, on an Italian show called Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Right, more than one person had the idea of duping parents into thinking their kid was marrying a celebrity, only to reveal it as a hoax, on TV. The Morabito Picture Company alleges that, in fact, the French version - Mes Parents Vont T’Adorer! - initially stole their idea, and then licensed it to Fox. Apparently, this concept is universally appealing, transcending language and cultural barriers. Fear not though, Fox will surely pay whatever needs to be paid in order for this show to see the light of day. And lord knows we'll be watching when it does. [News Briefs/EW]