The Fug Girls Pick the Best- and Worst-Dressed Characters on TV


For our money, costumers are television's unsung heroes — or in some cases, its secret villains. Mad Men's glorious period precision makes the show that much more enticing, without ever distracting from the drama; conversely, we frequently sit up during the otherwise eminently true-to-life and hard-hitting 90210 and wonder, Wait, is she wearing hot pants with that cardigan? and then before we know it, we've missed all the nuance of why somebody's yacht is on fire. But let the wardrobe department feel neglected no longer: To reward the righteous and slap the wrists of the wrongdoers, we've put together a slideshow celebrating ten characters on TV today whose looks we love, and suggesting ten who need to go to style rehab, stat. (For more from the Fug Girls, visit