The Fug Girls Rate the Many Looks of The Office’s Kelly Kapoor


Every office has one — you know, that person who walks by and makes you hiss at your cubicle-mate, "Dude, what is she wearing?" Which usually morphs into, "Thank God for her or else I'd be so bored that I'd staple my hand to the phone," and then, finally, "Will I get fired if I secretly love her loud shirt?" On The Office, that girl is Kelly Kapoor, Mindy Kaling's vibrantly shallow amateur shopaholic who often treats colors like they're a car stereo, cranking up the volume with reckless abandon. But has the scene-stealing Kelly always been so, you know, Kelly? Join us as we spotlight her sartorial journey through seven seasons of The Office, and rate her most noteworthy outfits on a one-to-ten scale of retina-searing hideousness — on which one is fairly attractive, and ten means you'd best put on your sunglasses and avoid direct eye contact. Note: We did deploy an eleven. You've been warned. (For more from the Fug Girls, visit