Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan Role Apparently Still Up for Grabs


After Production Weekly tossed out the names of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Amanda Seyfried for the rumored Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby, Deadline is tempering that buzz a bit. Mike Fleming claims that Luhrmann, though still unsure if Gatsby will even be his next film, has had a conversation with DiCaprio about playing Jay Gatsby; however, Leo has not yet said yes, and no offer has been made. Tobey Maguire is reportedly “at the top of Luhrmann’s mind” to play Nick Carraway. Seyfried, on the other hand, has not been targeted for the role of Daisy, as the part is apparently “wide open in Luhrmann’s mind.” Nikki Finke likes Carey Mulligan for the role; Fleming favors Natalie Portman ... or Nicole Kidman, if they "cast older." [Deadline]