Gloria Allred Is Not Going to See Hilary Swank’s New Movie


The new film Conviction gives us one of the most sympathetic real-life lawyers in film history — Betty Anne Waters (Hilary Swank), an unemployed single mother who spent years working to become a lawyer in order to prove that her imprisoned brother, Kenneth, was wrongfully convicted of murder — but litigious gadfly Gloria Allred is no fan. TMZ reports that Allred will hold a press conference today to denounce Swank for not speaking to the children of the murder victim her onscreen brother didn't actually kill. (Got that? Allred may not have.) "The murder victim's children feel that no proper respect or compassion has been shown by Ms. Swank for the murder victim and her family," said Allred in a statement. No words yet on whether Allred will also attack the film's paucity of irritating press conferences on the grounds that they lack lawyerly verisimilitude. [TMZ]