Gorillaz Started a Mini-Stampede at the Ed Sullivan Theater Last Night


Presented for your convenience is the entirety of Gorillaz performance at the Ed Sullivan Theater last night, the latest installment in the nifty Live on Letterman series, in which Letterman's musical guests stick around after the taping to play a longer set for a CBS.com live stream. That includes the show-ending stage-swarming by twenty of Damon Albarn's new best friends, set to closer “Clint Eastwood” (with Kano and Bashy filling in for Del the Funkee Homosapien) and begrudgingly allowed, for the most part, by a surprisingly non-stodgy Ed Sullivan security staff. Seeing as the whole show is available for viewing (including all of De La Soul's awesome drop-ins), what can Vulture's firsthand account add to your understanding? Well, we can report that after a weird, unidentified distortion noise cropped up a few times, Albarn ducked under some cameras while other people were singing to talk to someone who looked like they were in charge, and then the distortion noise stopped happening. Also, at one point Albarn referenced the band's MSG gig tonight by saying, “I'm looking forward to tomorrow night … I've been looking forward to it all my life,” and everyone in the crowd agreed that that was really sweet. Anyway, check out the show!